Monday, February 2, 2009

There are many believed stories about how Valentine's Day came to be, but after reading a few versions, this one was my favorite...Supposedly a Christian martyr named St. Valentine was thrown in jail and while he was fulfilling his sentence he fell on love with the jailer's daughter. She would secretly come visit him in jail and the night before he was executed he wrote a love letter to her, in which he signed it, "From your Valentine," hence the idea of giving Valentine cards.

What would Valentine's Day be without a little romantic music? There are a lot of classics out there, but I put myself on the mission to find a wide range of Valentine's Day songs that caught my attention for one reason or another. So if you like playlists, this one goes out to all those lovebirds celebrating the day.

"Gimmie Love" Collie Buddz
"Love is the Drug" Roxy Music
"Love You Madly" Cake
"Love Song" 311
"Sugar, Sugar" Bob Marley & The Wailers
"Can't Get Enough of Your Love Babe" Barry White
"Don't Dream It's Over" Crowded House
"Crazy Love" Van Morrison
"Groovy Kind of Love" Phil Collins
"And I Love Him" LTJ X-Perience
"Light My Fire" Black Mighty Orchestra

Some nice things from a few of our friends. Sorry we couldn't fit everyone!

Who is Mitchell?

Mithell is the son of Gail of the Etsy Shop whatshername. Mitchell is a talented cardmaker with special abilities and disabilities. He absolutely loves Etsy hearts!

I am 26.
I live in N.C.
I like to watch movies,keeping up with birthdays(family,friends,&church),being with friends,walking,bowling,eating out,time on the computer and some TV.
My fav color is red.
My fav food is cheese burgers.
The next project is maybe some Easter cards and Mother's & Father's Day cards(as well as the birthday cards).
I like selling to different areas and being in treasuries on etsy.I also sold cards at our church craft show.
*He started out doing birthday cards as a hobby. He still sends to some of his friends at school and to alot of family members. His class at church sends them to all church memebers. (He doesn't make all of those cards. ;>)

Mitchell and Gail are true inspirations. Don't forget to give his cards a little love for Valentines day!

Coupled up? This year why don't you...

...greet them first thing in the morning with something special whether it's a handmade flower arrangement, coffee just the way they like it, or even an actual valentine-this will get the day off on the right foot.

...Each be on your best behavior. Everyone hates the Holiday drama!

...get them something specific they mentioned. This could be something they wouldn't splurge for themselves on, or even something simple that they need to pick up, like a new toothbrush.

...hold hands. If only for this day, it seems to bring two people together.


Celebrate Life said...

"Mitchell is our son with abilities as well as disabilities."

As someone who has studied and worked with special ed students, I love hearing parents describe their children first with their abilities. That is so lovely. I left Mitchell's card a heart. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice etsy mini, Dangerous, I can get lost in there!

AnniKae said...

ahhh...I love the Valentine story. Great Blog w/ fantastic photo's. Thanks for sharing your address on the etsy forums. You're welcome to visit my blog anytime...

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Also, have a nice dinner together...even if it is at home. Put candles on the table to give it a romantic flare.

Wonderful article.